IMPORTANT UPDATE (as of Tues, Oct 10, 2023):
Funds raised for social impact investing through Journey 4 Impact will be redirected to CHW Emergency Appeal: Israel Under Siege.

CHW's partners need our support at this critical time.

Our CHW partners in Israel are on the ground protecting our youth and vulnerable women and children who are experiencing unimaginable fear, suffering, and tragedy. We need your help to provide emergency supplies for vulnerable populations, critical supplies for bomb shelters, food and clothes for displaced families, and so much more.

Both Hadassah Hospital and Shamir Medical Center are dealing with hundreds of wounded civilians and soldiers. Your donation will benefit critical needs and emergency support for our hospitals, providing lifesaving medical care on the front lines. As the number of innocent victims continues to climb, the stress on the healthcare system is growing.

Please consider making a donation to CHW Emergency Appeal: Israel Under Seige HERE