Tinokot Chapter Zumba Eblast 2020 TEAMRAISER GRAPHIC.jpg

Monies raised will go towards The Dairy Program at CHW Nahalal Youth Village.

  • This hands-on program teaches the students about agriculture, biology, farming, sustainability, and other pertinent subjects, while also learning essential business skills by selling the milk and cheese they produce to the local community.
  • Another positive outcome is that many students find it to be therapeutic. Children with learning disabilities and behavioural issues find patience and cultivate compassion while attending to the cows. They also find a sense of belonging and purpose previously missing from their daily lives.
  • The goal of the Dairy Program is to provide at-risk children with a place where they will not only learn and grow, but where they will feel safe enough to gain the confidence they need to succeed in the future.

Friends of Tinokot who make a donation are welcome to join us for the Zumba class. Search for a Tinokot Chapter member to support on the right. Please make a gift today and help us reach our fundraising goal!

*The Banquet Hall at Earl Bales Community Centre is located on the left side of the lobby, just through the frosted doors!