Pro-Am for Kids

Celebrating 47 years, the annual Pro-Am For Kids golf tournament is dedicated to supporting children in need.

This year's Pro-Am For Kids is taking place on Thursday, July 8 and will benefit CHW Hadassim and the Myra's Kids Foundation Summer Camp. The Summer Camp is a free non-denominational bereavement camp for children and teenagers, ages 6 to 17, grieving the death of a parent or sibling.

CHW Hadassim is an international residential school that supports young people, many of whom are financially, socially, and educationally disadvantaged, to reach their full potential. CHW Montreal takes pride in its partnership with the Myra's Kids Foundation.

With your support we can continue to make a positive impact on children and youth at risk in Canada and abroad.

We are looking forward to this summer's tournament and want to assure the participants that the event will respect all government Covid guidelines and regulations. As a result, the format of the tournament may need to be modified in order to comply.


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Gary Hutman, Danny Kaufer, Joseph Balinsky